30mm scale metal miniature

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Sculpted by Werner Klocke
Painted by TBA

Somehow, Liname had drawn her swords, deflected the bullet with one and slapped Regicide viciously across the face with the flat of the other’s blade.

Liname is a Mercenary, who doesn’t fight for the Goblin Pirates, the Cult and the Brotherhood. She is a mistress of the blade dance nad equally adept at performing whirlwind attacks and flurries of blows. Her code of honor demands her to seek face to face duels woman against woman (or if need by also against man). She hates sneaky behaviour.

Book: Tales of Longfall #2 – Corporate Piracy

Hire fee: 100 doubloons
Max. Number per Crew: 1

Parts: 6
Overall Height: 41 mm
Height (Head to Toe): 32 mm

The miniature comes with character cards for Freebooter’s Fate.
It is supplied as an unpainted kit and requires assembly.