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Unstitched is a new edition of Puppet Wars. Puppet Wars is a fast-paced tactical board game set in the world of Malifaux. Each player takes on the role of a voodoo puppet, animated by arcane energy and trying to act out the part of its real life look-alike. Claim precious workbenches, tear the stuffing out of your enemies, and sew on bits and pieces of your fallen comrades! Game Overview

Each player takes turns animating their puppets with cards from their hand. Puppets can move, attack, and claim important spaces on the board. Tear apart your opponent’s lead puppet and win the game! Use careful positioning and resource management to come out on top. But be careful, or you’ll end up being the stuffing under the couch.

Puppet Wars Unstitched includes forty-four high quality plastic models with amazing detail, two puppet decks, tokens, a brand new board, and streamlined rules.


Once Upon A Time

Somewhere, no one knows exactly where, deep in the Malifaux Bayou there stands a shack.

There are many ordinary, tumbledown shacks scattered throughout the treacherous twists and turns of the Bayou, but there is nothing ordinary about this one. This one, which is never to be found in the same place twice, is the home of Zoraida the Hag, feared by all those unlucky or foolish enough to tread the Bayou trails.

For years, whenever Zoraida has left her hut on some baleful errand, the Bayou has pricked up its green and fetid ears to the muffled sounds of the smallest of wars coming from inside the wooden walls. Small, yes, but vicious and without equal. A war of cloth and stuffing, of stitches and magic, of buttons and patches, of needles and thread. If you listen very, very carefully, you can hear the puppets fighting.

But it was not always this way.

imageIn the beginning, the puppets were lifeless and dull, but magic has a way of getting in the cracks, seeping through the seams and soaking into the fabric of existence. Before long, the wooden boxes in the shack where the puppets lay would shuffle and rattle whenever the owner was away. The shack door would slam shut, and a moment later the box lids would creak open. The puppets would clamber out, gazing around with sewn-on eyes and tottering across the rough floorboards on clockwork legs and wooden pegs. Seamus, all fancy clothes and patched top hat, usually took it upon himself to tidy up. There were always bits of chicken bones and other detritus from the witch’s spells lying around, and he couldn’t abide a mess. Lady Justice, with her flaming hair of red wool, pulled up a thimble for a stool and helped mend any accidental rips or tears, trimming loose threads with a swish of her long sword. Misaki would hunt for pretty scraps of cloth behind the work benches and ensure the other puppets always had a fashionable selection of matching scarves and hats to choose from, while the Death Marshal kept running away with the Nurse’s high heels and trying them on.

But it could not last. One day, Lady Justice found one of the Hag’s scrapbooks, full of newspaper clippings curling in the Bayou damp. Lady Justice, who found it tricky to read while squinting out from under the scarf over her eyes, waved the other puppets over to help. The shack was completely quiet as they turned page after page. For the first time, they realized there was a world beyond the Bayou, and they read about what the people in that world got up to. People who looked a bit like they did.

imageIt was Seamus who started it. Strange thoughts flew through his little, stuffed head as he wandered around the shack. He stopped atop a trestle table, a crude model of a domed building set near the edge. He looked down, and on a sudden impulse pushed the building off the table. It landed, not with a crash, but with a soft thump. Seamus clambered down in time to see Lady Justice pulling herself out from underneath, the stitches of her face drawn into a furious scowl. She marched up to him. Seamus grabbed a Rotten Belle and pulled her to stand beside him. Lady Justice reached out a long arm and hauled the Judge to her side. Seamus knotted his brow before snatching the speedy Ronin as she tried to get away. Lady Justice waved a hand, and the Death Marshal tottered over, still not quite having got the hang of walking in heels. Before long, two tiny armies of puppets were arrayed against each other, and the rest hurried back to the safety of their toy boxes to see what would happen next.

What happened next went down in Bayou legend, and became the model for the Puppet Wars that continue to this day. No mercy was given, and none sought. The Nurse ran at the Death Marshal and plunged her giant syringe into him. His legs went in different directions and he flailed back at her ineffectually. Seamus pounced on him, and stuffing filled the air like snow. The Death Marshal’s shredded remains were tossed aside, and only the high heels remained.

imageLady Justice was a blur of motion, slicing the Rotten Belle into colorful, patchwork squares before showing the Austringer a thing or two about how best to throw his toy bird. He took it to heart, managing to bounce it off the heads of both the Ronin and the Razorspine Rattler, although when he chucked it at Bête Noir, she simply vanished in a puff of sawdust. He never saw her reappear at the lip of the toy box, and she fell on him in silence, her wickedly curved knives severing his threads in an instant.

It was all over before Lady Justice could respond, and by the time she had driven Bête back to the safety of the toy box, Seamus had pulled another rabbit out his hat. He was waving the stuffed animal, trying to catch the attention of something behind Lady Justice. She turned, just as a grinning Teddy ambled out of the shadows, gaily decorated patches sewn on his soft tummy. Only the Judge stood between the giant Teddy and Lady Justice. The Judge was deadly, but Teddy wanted that stuffed bunny, and nothing was going to stand in his way.

The Nurse’s high heels were still standing untouched, and Lady Justice flicked them through the air to the Judge. He gave her a pained look, but he knew what he had to do. He slipped them on just as the cuddly monster loomed large. Instead of swinging with his sword, he kicked Teddy in the shins. The brightly-colored fabric started to blacken and decay, but it was not enough to prevent the gaping maw of Teddy from swallowing the Judge whole. Little bits of hat sticking to his teeth, Teddy advanced on Lady Justice, his fur darkening and starting to smell.

But it wasn’t just the hat sticking to Teddy’s teeth. The Judge’s sacrifice had bought Lady Justice the weapon she needed. As Teddy opened wide to gulp her down, she flicked the Judge’s magical bandana off one lethal incisor with the tip of her sword and wrapped it round her head. Teddy froze as the bandana’s aura accelerated the decay spreading through his stuffing, and with one vengeful swipe, Lady Justice’s sword cut him in half.

That had been the moment Seamus was waiting for, and he struck from behind, but he hadn’t reckoned on Lady Justice’s unnerving and unnatural senses. The blow that undid Teddy swept around in one smooth strike, and Seamus’ hat toppled to the floorboards, his head still inside.

The puppets froze. There were footsteps outside.

When Zoraida opened the door, nothing was left to suggest a furious battle had been waging only moments before. Nothing, that is, but a lone puppet in green cloth lying beside his own severed head. The other puppets lay motionless in the wooden boxes, terrified their exploits would be discovered. In the rush, no one had remembered to pick up Seamus. But Zoraida did not seem puzzled, or even concerned. She picked him up and, tutting and mumbling to herself, sewed him back together and placed him carefully with the others.

But before she did so, she whispered something in his ear, just for him to hear. A little something for the next time, to help him get the better of that goody two-shoes Lady Justice…

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